Do I Need a Website as a Cheshire Wedding Photographer?

Cheshire wedding photographerThe fact you are actually searching on the Internet for this fact is already your first reason to own a site. You can see how every professional Cheshire wedding photographer has their own home on the Internet. And you wonder if that’s just formality or does it have anything to do with your business?

It’s where to find you

You have a friend from the same class you attend and you enjoy talking to that friend. During summer breaks, you want to spend some time playing together, so you asked that friend. Wouldn’t you be bewildered to have met that friend in class, in malls, in local neighborhoods, and that friend actually doesn’t have a home?

Yes, that’s what it feels like when you are already everywhere – Facebook, Instagram, LINE, LinkedIn – but you don’t actually have a site of your own. Those places cannot become the place to upload your portfolios and for people to directly drop you a line. You need your own site to get all those features and let your future clients comfortably scroll through your timeline.

Pictures’ Rights

With social media platforms, you don’t exactly have the right to control how they use those pictures you posted. You can remain safe by ensuring to watermark every picture you post. And apps like Instagram don’t make it easy to just download your pictures.

But when you own your own site, you can control how those pictures are shown and even prevent people from being able to download them. There are plugins you can use for WordPress users to protect your site from such malicious acts.

Improve SEO

Social media account has its own SEO algorithms within their search engine. But with Google, it’s bigger and has much more users typing on it every day. You can get a complete analytic result from Google and see how people arrive at your site. You can regulate how SEO in your site works and what keywords to use next to improve ranking.

And people don’t generally look for a wedding photographer on Instagram or Pinterest because their search engine is not tuned for that. But they do that on Google, the place where your site’s address is being houses. By inputting certain relevant keywords, they can find you directly on Google, but not on all those other social media platforms.

Design it the way you want

Is owning a photography profile on Instagram that can only contain a few words on its profile enough? Definitely not. You cannot define what kind of a photographer you are, your experience as a wedding photographer or your latest offers.

You can control your own site, however, and design it to show your creativity. The same templates that can be customized will look different as you give them your own touch. You can also adjust the sizes of the pictures that you upload, how the gallery looks like, and even provide a gallery dedicated to clients.

Sure, getting your own site means extra cost for a Cheshire wedding photographer, but it’s cheap during the first year, most of the time. And it’s not just because everyone else had it. It’s because you want people to be able to reach out to you as can.

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5 Best Photoshop Plug-ins for a Wedding Photography Northern Ireland

wedding photography Northern Ireland For any photographer who provides wedding photography Northern Ireland service, it’s almost a given that you would work with Photoshop. While it’s not cheap, it’s got everything one will ever need to give a professional edit to the pictures you’ve captured. But even so, sometimes it can get annoying with the small limitations and tedious work that comes with Photoshop which is really basic.

Here are the plug-ins that will make your life as a wedding photographer much easier.


As a wedding photographer, you might have to work with clients who look after taking some incredible pictures in places with great landscape view. That’s the case with most wedding photographers, wherever you are based, so we always suggest them to get Luminar because it really helps with editing the vast sky and over 300 filters to use.

RH Hover Color Picker

We are bewildered when we consider the fact that Adobe, being a really old and professional creative group that houses Photoshop, still have a clunky layout with their color picker. Yes, it’s got the range of colors we all need, but we also wish that it won’t be blocking our view out of the project we are working with.

RH Hover color picker only goes full size when you hover to its minimize tab. It also has the same complete color collection and is priced at only $16. Save yourself from the pain of editing tens of thousands of pictures with the messy Adobe’s color picker with this.

ON1 Effects

ON1 effects provide a wide range of filters that if used, will add another layer on top of what you have. What’s great about this is that you can use more than one filters and decide how contrast each filter should look. Sounds convenient like Instagram, but it has the flexibility that a professional always needs for his wedding photography Northern Ireland job. You can customize each filter to your liking.


Have you ever encountered a moment when you wished the portraits of your clients that you just finished editing don’t end up looking like they were ‘Photoshopped’? The best pictures are the ones that look like they were genuine despite having the blemishes, acne, and flaws removed by thorough editing. That is what PortraitPro is about: to make your portraits look less fake.

The main purpose of PortraitPro is to help you with enhancing portraits by improving the colors and textures, removing blemishes to sharpening facial features without making them look fake.

Camera Raw

You’d be lying if as a wedding photographer, you don’t capture your files in RAW format, which is vital if you want to gain the biggest freedom in editing. Camera Raw allows you to edit your raw files by enhancing the texture, contrast and balancing pictures. It also creates a separate file which doesn’t automatically replace your raw files with the edited version. So, you can always revert back if you don’t like what you see.

Getting plug-ins can be costly, but they can save a lot of time in the future and avoid beginner’s mistakes. They are totally worth it to improve the quality of your wedding photography Northern Ireland service to the level of a professional like Michael Love.

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Importance of Hiring a Wedding Photographer Glasgow and Other Things

wedding photographer GlasgowIn the fray of planning a wedding, one of the most important factors is hiring the right photographer, after all, the pictures from your wedding are meant to be lifetime memories. However, saving this task for the last minute usually makes things very difficult for the couple as wedding photographers are usually tightly booked and adhere to strict schedules.

To ensure that your wedding gets the desired photographer, booking a wedding photographer Glasgow is best done as early as possible, usually well over a month before the wedding to avoid having to rush the task and hiring unprofessionals.

As a wedding photographer, customer satisfaction takes a lot of work and requires intense attention, it is also dependent on the customer and requires the photographer to be able to make certain decisions related to the customer and their poses in the photographs.

Reasons why hiring a photographer early is important

  • To avoid having to settle for a photographer that isn’t first choice
  • To prevent panic when time begins to run out.
  • To prevent mediocrity and embarrassing photos
  • To get your money’s worth.

Reasons why a good wedding photographer is important

Some people believe that DIY is the best way to go about doing things and even apply this to their weddings as well. In the end, they sometimes regret the decision when they look at the turnout of their wedding photographs and videos. Wedding photographers are important because;

  • Without a good photographer certain moments and memories during the wedding are left uncaptured,
  • Without having to increase cost of wedding preparation too much, affordable, efficient and professional wedding photographers can change the entire outcome of the day
  • Beautiful photographs that are worth hanging on walls and showing to younger generations are the outcome
  • It provides a more stress free wedding where the bride and groom do not have to direct a family member or friend on how to properly take pictures, it eradicates worry and provides a form of peace.
  • Choosing a wedding photographer glasgow gives you the leverage of choosing from a variety of options available

What Does Customer Satisfaction Ensue as a Wedding Photographer?

  • Commendation from customers in the form of satisfied comments, lack of arguments when payment commences, additional incentive in payment/a tip and even recommendation from previous clients.
  • The couple and attendees of the wedding are not embarrassed or reluctant to show and post photos of the wedding on their social media accounts, they also tend to tag the photographer and hence, this provides a form of free advertising. The photographer goes to great lengths to satisfy the customer even at the extent of their own comfort, this ensures that customers get extraordinary photographs and one of a kind candids from their wedding photographs.
  • The visuals of the photographs are from more than one angle so the shots look multi-dimensional.

With the help of great wedding photographers, even low budget weddings have been given a certain high class appeal, these photographers make each memory of the day count while also capturing moments that would otherwise go unnoticed.

To prevent last minute preparations from going wrong, it is advisable to hire the wedding photographer at least a month before the wedding so that the photographers schedule will be flexible enough to accommodate the event.

Try out wedding photographer Glasgow FotoMaki Photography, for the best images of your special day.

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Should the Kent Wedding Photographer do a Location Scout?

Kent wedding photographerA Kent wedding photographer can get inspiration from so many things but not as important as the object or scene of photography. Clients might have a particular thing in mind about the kind of images they want for their wedding portraits but may not know how to bring into reality their visions so they turn to the wedding photographer for guidance and directions because they feel a photographer knows it all.

Wedding photographers are like small gods when it comes to photography locations and shooting because it is believed that the photographer is already a pro and should be prepared for anything. This is why it is very important for a wedding photographer to always scout for new locations so he’s not taken by surprises.

Here are a few reasons why a wedding photographer needs to scout for new locations:

To pre-visualize the wedding photos

Scouting for a location and getting to know the location is important because it gives you the sense of pre visualizing your images even before the wedding takes place. Scouting for a location makes you get familiar with the location and you know where everything needs to be at a particular time. For example, you get to know the lightning quality of the location.

To elevate your Photography

As a Kent wedding photographer, scouting for the right location can elevate your photography. Since you are already familiar with the location, your creativity portal is ignited because in your mind every direction springs up a unique photo. However those kind of locations are rare to find but not impossible to find, through effective scouting it’s very possible to come across such locations.

Location scouting gives confidence

Location scouting can build up confidence in a wedding photographer. The wedding photographer is almost sure that every photo he shoots at that location will certainly come out nice. This is one positive thing location scouting does, it makes the photographer visualize the outcome of his images as flawless since he has studied the location days before the wedding event.

It helps get a perfect location for the wedding photographer’s style of photography

Different photographer and their different styles of photography. As a photographer, you should know what works for you so it’s safer to scout for locations that wold perfectly suit the kind of wedding photography you are to use. Locations play a very important role in bringing out the best in photography because locations does a lot of speaking in terms of telling a story, probably about the personalities of the couples or maybe their kind of love story.

Client Satisfaction

One of the outmost priorities of a wedding photographer is that his clients get the best satisfaction. There is so much joy and fulfilment whenever clients are happy and satisfied with your job. So one important thing to note is that as a wedding photographer, getting to know what a client wants is very important as this can help n scouting for the kind of location that can bring to reality the desires of your client.

These are the major reasons why a wedding photographer needs to take location very seriously. In summary, location scouting virtually makes a photographer’s work easier. Get more tips on how to effectively do a location scout as a Kent wedding photographer by following up on

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When Two Wedding Photographers Portsmouth Is Much Better

wedding photographers PortsmouthHiring two wedding photographers Portsmouth is probably something that goes down below your list. In the case that you are holding a private wedding, we wouldn’t recommend you to hire two wedding photographers in a tight space. Pretty redundant and make things awkward as your photographers are not sure what they need to take pictures of.

But if that’s not the case, we have reasons to assure you that hiring two photographers will do you great.

You get more pictures

For the ones who love to have pictures taken, you have more reasons to hire more people for your wedding. The more photographers that work for you, the more pictures you will get from it. Those photographers will be able to take a lot of pictures of a single scene from various angles.

When you hire two photographers at once, each of them has their own job to fulfill. This means that it is less likely for your photographers to miss important things during the wedding. Since each of them has their own job, they can focus on their own job. The main photographer can focus on you while the other can focus on guests and venue décor.

Less hassle for the photographer

As more people are working on the job, the photographer doesn’t have to be responsible for everything. Although, generally, there is a lead photographer that assign the job of the other photographer and usually bears more responsibility. But this means that more men are on the job, so you don’t have to worry about the photographer having not enough time.

Professional wedding photographers Portsmouth like James White know their limits. And they know it when they take your wedding pictures alone and still come out with as good results as you expected. Having two photographers working on the job would mean less burden for the photographer and you, too.

Still within the understandable price

Adding another wedding photographer into your package often don’t cost as much as hiring the first photographer. Since the second photographer is often an assistant in charge of taking pictures of the details that the main photographer doesn’t have time to focus on. The price that you have to pay is worth the pictures that you get.

These are pictures you can never rewind the time back to get. These are precious moments of your wedding that if alone, would have been missed by your lead photographer.

Saves time

Having two photographers working at the same time won’t hinder your lead photographer when he has to be confined to a location. For example, during group photography, your photographer has to standby for quite a long time. Long enough that a lot of things could be missed had it not for the assistant photographer.

There are many benefits from hiring two wedding photographers Portsmouth, mainly from the capacity they can handle. Two photographers make it possible for each to focus on their own job and not miss a thing. They can cover each other’s back, make sure you get all the pictures you ever wanted from your wedding. On top of that, some cost very much similar to the price of hiring one photographer!

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How to Choose Wedding Photography Edinburgh Service

wedding photography EdinburghAs a couple, you want to make sure to find the most professional wedding photography Edinburgh service for your wedding party. But you also don’t want to just rely on price and believe that paying more would mean better. So, you need a professional help to find the right person for the job.

Don’t worry because we know the best way to do that. In fact, we can help you find the most suitable wedding photography service if you follow our guide!

Budget and time

The first most important thing to do is to set the budget that you have to book a wedding photography Edinburgh package. How much are you willing to pay for the service and what is the limit? While you search for the right photographer, you want to make sure to eliminate the ones that are not within your capabilities to hire.

And then, you need to have enough time to look for a photographer. It’s not just about you looking for the right person, but also the fact of them being booked already. You won’t be able to hire them if they are unavailable for your wedding!


A good wedding photographer isn’t the type that runs you through a bunch of information about himself. Instead, they are the type that listens to what you have to say about your own wedding and what concerns you may have. That is the point of calling the meeting a consultation. They listen first before they talk about it.

A professional wedding photographer, from Andrew Weild Photography who offers service in wedding photography Edinburgh told us how communication made things easier. Clients feel much more comfortable talking to the photographer and it is easier to reach a consensus.

Within your limit

Once again, you need to only hire someone that is within your capabilities because the wedding party is one of the expensive events in life. That is why, if it seems possible to you, negotiate with your photographer to have your package customized slightly to fit your needs. For example, you probably don’t need the extra hours or those big prints because you think saving the money up is more important.

Promise keeper

They said that they are going to provide this and that for your wedding photography, so make sure those are written on the contract. If you feel something amiss, do not hesitate to ask or reopen the discussion again, because you shouldn’t sign and pay for things you did not agree with. It’s better to end it with a photographer that can’t keep his promise than just go along and be disappointed later.

After you sign it, see to it that they are doing everything they promised. They will arrive on time in the morning of your wedding and shoot for as long as they have promised.

Your wedding photography Edinburgh service wouldn’t be hard to find if you follow the guidelines here. It might seem hard at first to find someone you like and then hold a high standard for it, but you will not regret it once you do find him.

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5 Beautiful Reasons to Book a Newborn Photography Raleigh NC Session

newborn photography Raleigh NCHave you ever thought about booking a newborn photography Raleigh NC session? Some of you probably scoffed at the idea as you don’t think that the money spent is worth the hassle. You only need some pictures taken and you can easily do that without having to spend hundreds of dollars on it. No need for hours of preparing and driving over to the photographer’s place.

But these 5 reasons will change your mind. You don’t consider these facts and to be honest, we really don’t want you to regret your decision later!

1. Professional service

A professional newborn photographer knows how to best capture pictures of babies. You know how sometimes we don’t know how to capture our own baby in the cutest way the way professionals do. We often capture them from any angle at random times. Most importantly, we are not prepared for it nor do we have the necessary equipment.

2. The equipment

The investment that a professional studio make is huge. Photography equipment isn’t cheap. They have to buy the cameras, the lenses, the lighting equipment and then learn how to use them. It won’t be useful if the photographer doesn’t have the necessary lighting with a decent camera and there are shadows everywhere.

Not just that, they are also proficient with picture editing tools, which is a must nowadays in any photography session. This will help remove that hair that sticks out of nowhere in the picture or the supporting hand that isn’t supposed to be captured.

3. These portfolios

We are sure that you cannot take pictures as well as the ones were taken by a professional newborn photography Raleigh NC provider, Sally Salerno Photography. If you go to her site, you will be able to see some really bright and adorable pictures done by Sally. The lighting, the face of the babies, the proportion, the props, everything is just perfect, with the little baby in the middle of it.

And these are the pictures that you can proudly use as your desktop’s wallpaper or to be printed and displayed on your living room’s coffee table. These are the pictures that you won’t hesitate to show off.

4.    Once in your lifetime

To take newborn pictures is a chance that you only have once in your lifetime. Your baby has a very short moment remaining in that stage and this narrow window is your only chance. You might be prepared to snap every moment with your smartphone. But to book a professional newborn photography Raleigh NC session is different.

You will have printed pictures and formally done to be displayed for others. There is no more chance to go back and take some pictures of this very moment.

5.    You need to be quick!

To get a professional newborn photographer, you need to move fast! Photographers are reserved for up to two weeks per customers as due date tends to miss. The reservation has to be made fast or your photographer won’t be available after your delivery! The best time to look is during your 5th of pregnancy when you feel most comfortable to move around.

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Wedding Photographer Cardiff: Prime or Zoom and Why

wedding photographer CardiffA wedding photographer Cardiff needs to be prepared for a lot of situations at a wedding. To do that, he has to have various lenses for various situations. Many photographers end up asking which one is better to have, a prime or a zoom lens.

Prime or zoom, each of them has its own strength and reason to bring to a wedding. And don’t be surprised to know that we suggest you bring both to your first wedding job!

Now, let’s see why a prime lens is great for a wedding photographer.

Prime lens

A prime lens has a fixed focal length that you cannot change. That is why they are smaller and easier to carry around. Because of that, it’s very simple to use this and you only need to know the best distance to take pictures with this lens. And there are more benefits to using prime lenses when you shoot for wedding pictures.

A prime lens has better picture quality when used. They take sharper images compared to zoom lenses and are much simpler to use. A prime lens also tends to work better during nighttime, capturing things clearer due to its high fixed focal length. But the drawback is clear.

You cannot easily adjust the lens when you want to take pictures of a situation that changes a lot. That’s because you don’t have time to adjust yourself to a suitable distance as you will miss the moment. It’s not a flexible choice if you want to take pictures during a reception or ceremony as opposed to a zoom lens that has a wide range of focal length.

Zoom lens

A wedding photographer Cardiff always has a zoom lens with him. You can look at some pictures during the reception of a wedding at and you will know that these pictures are impossible without a zoom lens.

That’s right, a zoom lens is very flexible in capturing pictures in a changing situation. For example, you want to take a picture that is a little bit far, you can zoom and change the focal length easily. During a ceremony or reception, you can constantly adjust yourself to get the best angle and perspective. When you need to be quick, a zoom lens is the best choice to go with.

But prime still has the better quality when used under the right situation compared to a zoom lens. Zoom lenses also don’t work as well as prime lenses do for night photography. It’s because of their focal length and aperture in letting light in cannot go as wide as primes do.


Both lenses are great in their own way. It’s best that you carry both during a wedding because there are various situations to use them. The zoom lens is great to use during a reception or ceremony because you don’t have time to get to the right spot to take the picture. On the other hand, the prime lens is sharper in capturing pictures for a wedding photographer Cardiff. It’s also more reliable in harsher situations, such as in a dark environment.

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The Photographer Dilemma: Telling A Good Client from A Bad One

Leeds wedding photographer“Beggars can’t be choosers”, is that right? Do photographers get to choose who their clients should be? Do they get to decline a client’s offer after having interviews? Especially when the client is aware that the photographer can easily be replaced?

This is the photographer’s guide to telling a good client from a bad one.

As a Leeds wedding photographer, I sometimes turn certain kinds of clients down. Sometimes, a job just doesn’t feel right. Apart from the obvious situations where I have booked the whole year ahead and cannot simply take new jobs, at interviews I should know whether to take up a job or not.

Even though you are on the hot seat during the interview and your client gets to ask most of the questions, it is an ample opportunity for you as the photographer to assess your clients. Moreover, you should have rules and guidelines that you stick to.

Always choose a client who you can build a great and long-term relationship with. You want to choose a client such that they can always refer you. You want to choose clients that will want to call you first when an opportunity presents itself.

  1. Too Many Questions

If a client is asking way too many questions than you can normally answer, this is usually a flag. A client asking questions is a good thing. Of course, they are not the professionals and it is only normal that they ask questions. But these questions should be business-related question and nothing that invades your personal space as the photographer.

  1. Rather Unusual Demands

When you present your packages, you have to stick to it (or you can be a bit flexible if you like). It is appropriate to go the extra mile to help your clients achieve what they want, but when it goes beyond your limits, then you should refuse.

  1. Non-Communicating Clients

Nothing ruins a business deal faster than this. To save your reputation and not receive negative reviews afterwards, if a client does not make things clear enough, refuse the deal.

As a Leeds wedding photographer at, I highly value communication. Simple things like the time, venue, about how many photographs are wanted, what packages and special offers are wanted and for how much and so on can soil agreements if not properly communicated and understood.

  1. The Bargaining Client

It is supposed to be a business agreement. There will be much bargaining to do.

However, when it gets choking to a point where you cannot go any further, you should refuse the client. A good client should not make a ridicule of your pricing by going so low.

It goes beyond pricing too. You will have to bargain over the number of photos to be delivered and so on. Avoid clients who do not respect your packages and attempt to squeeze the life out of it.

  1. Those That Avoid Your Contracts

This is one of those moments where having a written and detailed wedding contract is essential and life-saving. It is your responsibility to draft a contract and present it to your clients. Both of you can also make subtle changes if you agree.

But if your client hesitates to sign after or does not want to, that is usually a bad client.

  1. Uncertain Clients

A good client would have done his or her research. Always avoid clients who do not have a good idea of what they want.

Being a Leeds wedding photographer, I come across clients who initially do not have an inkling of what they want. So, I make it my job to inform such clients.

However, it is worse when you provide clients with all the necessary information and they are still not sure of what they want.

If you ever find yourself in these kinds of situations, it is wise to turn down the job.

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4 Great Things About Becoming a Newborn Photographer

newborn photography Raleigh NC It’s a whole new experience to become a newborn photographer. A lot of things that happen in newborn photography Raleigh NC and those experiences are reasons enough to become a photographer for babies.

Meeting small babies all the time

Babies are the cutest things in the world. Various research around the world show that seeing babyfaces has a similar effect to seeing bumps; it makes people happy for no reasons. You probably didn’t notice how you’re always smiling when you see babies.

Dealing with babies all the time is a sort of stress relief for you. You don’t have to work so hard about it if you’re always seeing a sleeping baby who doesn’t cry too much or move a lot. They simply sleep and you can take their pictures quietly.

Dealing with happy clients

Every occasion is always a happy one when they come for you. These are parents who just had their first child and is very enthusiastic to document it. They want to have as many pictures of their little one as possible, always brimming with happiness and laughter when talking to you. It’s easy to chat with these people who are always in a bliss, expecting the big change that will happen to them.

Even during the consultation, you are met with mothers who are expecting for the little one. While they are probably tired, they cannot help but imagine their baby, having pictures taken and sleeping quietly in the studio. The thought alone makes them smile and it gets better when you show your past works to them.

A newborn photography Raleigh NC session is always one that is felt with love, quietness, and cuteness. Take a look at some of the pictures in

Quiet, still subject

A baby doesn’t have to act or do anything in front of your camera. It’s so similar to taking pictures of still objects as the baby is placed and mold by you. You don’t have to think of the best expression that fits the face or how to direct the model. You just have to find the poses that the baby can do and that’s it.

All you need to do is prepare enough list of poses that you can use on that day. Since there’s a probability that one or more poses won’t work, be sure to prepare more.

Aside from that, just imagine that you’re taking pictures of a sleeping beauty that can be carried everywhere and shaped into anything. You just need to think of the use of props and which color theme to go with.

Playing with props

Baby props are different. They don’t rely on different outfits or costumes. Instead, newborns usually have different props to pose them in or with. For example, you can hang the baby in a hanging bean bag or place her in a cup or mug. Those are cute props and sets you can always use and parents always love. It shows how small the baby is back then and who hates seeing themselves in a mug 20 years ago?

There are just a lot of ways you can enjoy your newborn photography Raleigh NC and that way, you can continue this work without stressing yourself too much.

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6 Dos for Newborn Photography

newborn photography CalgaryPregnancy is a stage where many parents feel very nervous about the imminent future. There’s no doubt that there will be a lot of changes in the house. From daily activities, hobbies, job down to even your personality, they can all change because of the arrival of the little one! And with all these thoughts in your mind, you must be tired.

To lessen that burden of yours, however, we’d love to show you only 6 things you need to do for your newborn photography Calgary. This is especially useful if you haven’t hired your photographer, yet.

1. Prepare months ahead

The earlier you look, the better your planning will be. The safest and most comfortable moment to start looking usually falls around the 5th month of your pregnancy. It’s the time when your pregnancy discomfort and pain is considerably less significant than other time. You’ll have enough relaxed time to consider your photographer and move around.

2. Flexibility is important

It’s important to think about the range of dates your photographer is offering you. Due to the nature of due date prediction, it’s not uncommon for it to miss. There’s also the fact that you need to rest for a couple of days afterward. Therefore, it’s important to know that your photographer would be kind enough to allow you to choose a date at least a week before and after the agreed date.

It’s also important to discuss in the case that you have to postpone it further than planned.

3. Choose only a professional

We’d like to recommend you a site of a professional newborn photography Calgary provider at A professional is highly preferred not just because of their exceptional skills of capturing the pictures, but also their professionalism in placing safety as the utmost priority.

You love your kids, that’s for sure, but not even you have an idea about what can be dangerous in newborn photography. That’s right, SIDS can happen if you don’t pay attention to the poses or props used in the session! Yet, hiring an expert can make things so much better.

4. Rest and relax

As the mother. It’s important to rest as much as possible and attend the photography in your best condition. You’ll be having several pictures taken if you haven’ known yet and it’s easier for you if you’re feeling well. Certainly, don’t push yourself and tell your photographer if you don’t feel well.

Ask for your husband to come and accompany you as he’ll also have some pictures taken. Ask for a friend if no one else is coming with you for the day.

5. Dress moderately

As the parents, dress in something comfortable is best. Be sure that it’s not too shiny or spectacular for the session. The theme of this photography is plainness and newborn, which is identical to being simple. If you wear something fancy, it’ll distract the attention from your baby to you.

You can wear a matching shirt with your husband, such as all in black or white. You can alternatively choose a favorite color or shirt with a simple design. You should also discuss this before the day of the newborn photography Calgary.

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Everything About the Best Wedding Photography

luxury wedding photographyEvery couple wants to get the best photographer for their wedding. You and partner are giving the best you’ve got to make this one a special day. Preparations have to be made years earlier and that includes planning your luxury wedding photography.

Pictures are the only things that will be left once the party is over, that’s why it’s so important. What do you need to know about it, so you won’t regret your wedding pictures?

Search for a professional

Don’t just settle for anyone that has a fancy camera. Look for a real professional in photography to do the job. Not just anyone will do because you’ll regret your choice for a very long time. Professional won’t just show up at your front door and you have to look for them.

There’s also the fact that you have to like the works of that photographer. There’s no point in paying a lot if you never liked his work to be with. So, if you’ve come to like the portfolios that you are seeing on his site, when you’re about meet up, ask for more works of this. Photographers only put up their best works and seeing their more average results will give you a better image of how your pictures will turn out.

Plan properly soon

It’s also a wise step for you to plan your photography early. As soon as you’re sure about the date and where you’ll have your ceremony and reception done, you can begin looking for the photographer. Photographers can only start to consult and discuss things with you once they know that they’ll be available for your day.

Many professionals are booked years ahead. Luxury wedding photography service isn’t easy to come by, in particular, if you want professionals like to be in charge. That’s why photographers like to tell their clients to look for the years ahead, not 6 months before their wedding day.

Group pictures trouble

Troubles are bound to happen in any wedding, but it’s up to you to handle the problems. Hiring the right vendors will also make sure that if anything happens, it can be taken care of immediately. One of those troubles is group pictures.

Often, photographers don’t want to be seen as if they’re incapable or tell you what to do. There are a lot of couples out there who faced problems with either having to cut loose some group sessions or increase the hours their photographer has to work.

A single group picture of more than 10 people can take 10 to 20 minutes. Sometimes more due to the nature of excited guests. They’ll take this chance as a greeting, joking and even giving gifts to the married couples, but it’s definitely not the time for the photographer. Make sure that you have someone else appointed to have controlled the group.

This person will be in charge of gathering the flock to line up and ready to have their pictures taken. This person will also regulate if gifts are given then and make sure that the group session can quickly be done with. Thus, your photographer will be able to get back to the hall quick and continue with a more important task in luxury wedding photography.

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Let a Professional Direct Your Boudoir Photo Shoot

Bboudoir photo shootoudoir photo shoot isn’t something that we all can get used to quickly. Women aren’t naturally used to posing like a model suggestively in front of the camera, and to top that, in front of people you’re not familiar with. It’s important to find someone that is really good at taking the pictures and not make things more awkward than they already are.

How to figure out the right person to do it?

Your wedding photographer

The first person you should look at is your wedding photographer. Some wedding photographers also provide boudoir photography to their clients after knowing how it’s a famous wedding gift woman like to do. It’s surely less awkward when you’re doing something that revealing in front of someone you know already.

They usually have a separate website to offer the service and sometimes you can get discounts for having booked them for your wedding photography.

Find someone professional

If you’re not going to do it as a wedding gift, you most likely don’t have a wedding photographer acquaintance, yet. That means you have to look for one while not being too open about it to too many people. Boudoir isn’t something that can be randomly done as long as you strip. It’s a sophisticated art that does not just talk about suggestive poses.

Boudoir shows the hidden sides of women; the dark ones, the sexy ones, the wild ones. Your wedding photographer has to be someone that can see art made of women’s body and take mesmerizing pictures of it. An example of such amazing boudoir photo shoot director is

We personally love how the boudoir sessions go on with Ellie. She makes sure the girls and women are all comfortable with her. The atmosphere is very light, yet sexy and simply makes it easy for even the most beginner models to pose and show the right expressions.

Someone who talks to you

Another thing about boudoir is that you cannot exactly talk about it to just anybody. Parents would sometimes look at you and friends can laugh or even spread about it. Your photographer is the only person who’s seen many other women like you.

Expressing your concern and inferiority is very suggested. One thing about boudoir is that it helps boost your confidence and you’re required to show that during the photography session. There’s no room for a shy girl; just someone who’s changed to a queen she always had been.

Such time will also help you forge a friendship with your photographer and it’ll help with breaking the ice during the session. There’s going to be some embarrassing situations, so might as well do it with someone that you’re familiar with.

You don’t want to be misused

Finding a professional is also important because you don’t want your pictures to be misused. Professionals are shown to invest a lot in their websites and in you. They’ll keep confidentiality of your privacy and will require a contract which will mention it. Just make sure to read it properly before signing.

Professionals are less like to jeopardize their own career and life by doing such dangerous acts, so you can trust them more. Hiring professionals for your boudoir photo shoot will make sure you have a comfortable and satisfying session.

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Wedding Album vs. Wedding Book: They’re Different?

Napa wedding photographer\Based on a survey of married and engaged couples, the majority of the respondents misunderstood or do not know the difference between wedding album and book. Some thought that they were the same thing! It’s time to know about this, so you can discuss with your Napa wedding photographer in a more extended manner.

Of course, some of the questions you guys have, the most important would be which one is better. Both of them have their own strengths, with mostly regarding quality and price.


The wedding album is better. That’s the short way to put it. Wedding albums use various high-quality materials for their cover, such as leather or photo hard-cover. Wedding albums also use high-quality photo papers to print your pictures on. They are one-sided, so wedding albums tend to look thicker for a good reason. The binding is also thick and ensures that the pages will stay together for a really long time.

Wedding books, on the other hand, are made of leatherette (the leftovers of leather), softcover, or even linen. They can be called of lower quality as those materials don’t last long unless you put them on a podium and have them displayed like a museum artifact. They are also assembled in a similar way you’d do with books. Yep, don’t we all hate it when pages start to fall off the book as the glue dries out?

Obviously, wedding album is winning a lot here. They are made with the highest quality material you can ever see for album of pictures and our professional Napa wedding photographer,, highly recommend this. Wedding books are usually the option for those who look forward to cheaper, more temporary kind of album.


As you’ve probably guessed, wedding book is a lot cheaper. It’s due to the easier process of binding and printing the pictures and also the cost of the materials used. Leatherette can be gained from leather and fabric is also a much cheaper option one can go with.

Wedding album can cost up to $1500! A fantastic price for a book filled with pictures of your own. Most of the time, though, they cost around $500-$700 and it’s pretty rare to find one that offers higher than that, but not impossible.

When you compare the price, remember that these pictures will be staying with you for a long time and that’s what you expect. So, consider the durability of the products, too.


Another thing that is different is the number of pictures your Napa Wedding photographer can fit inside. Wedding albums vs. Wedding books, which one fits in more?

Yep, wedding books win! The reason is that they use thinner, cheaper paper pro to print your pictures. Usually, the pictures are print on two sides on the paper, so you can fit in more pictures into the book. Albums, on the other hand, only use on side of the paper and results in a very big and heavy album. There’s a limit to how much you can fit in as the binding is usually fixed by the manufacturer.

As a comparison, you can fit in almost 200 pictures in a book that has the thickness of an album with 80 pictures.

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Lifestyle Baby Photography: What it is and How to Prepare for It

baby photographyLooking for a quick guide to lifestyle baby photography? You’ve come to the right place! We are here to help mothers, in particular, those who have zero knowledge about baby photography to start with. Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated and we’ll cover everything you need to know to make sure it’s going to a fun and easy session to have!

Looking for a suitable photographer

First is to look for a baby photographer that you are comfortable with. Having a session done at your home by someone that you don’t really trust or comfortable with will make it stressful. Make sure that you’ve spent enough time talking to them and letting them have a tour around the house to scout for the best rooms to have the pictures taken.

Done at home

Most lifestyle photography is done at home due to the fact that it’s easier to move around and your baby is more comfortable with a familiar place. At the same time, you can also grab all baby needs when you need it immediately. It’s a win-win situation for you and the photographer!

This means that the layout of your house is important to get the best baby pictures. In baby photography, some photographers like would want to schedule a time to visit your house and check out how the rooms are positioned and lit. Lighting is one of the most important parts of baby photography mostly because no one wants to light their babies with flash. That is unhealthy.

Making sure it’s proper

Before the session, you’ll want to clean up the place and make sure that no unnecessary obstacles are in the frame. You’ll also want to open the window and let natural light in for the pictures to turn out as nice as possible.

Set your temperature to a suitable level for the baby, too. Since some of the pictures will feature them naked, make sure it’s warmer than usual. A little sweat is just worth it!

If you love outdoor

It’s also very possible to have your lifestyle baby pictures taken outdoor! As long as the weather is cool and nice, put your baby in his favorite outfit and set out. Of course, it would be better if you can discuss the possibility of doing this beforehand with your photographer. Make sure that the baby is wearing enough layers of clothes and not feeling too hot or too cold.

Dressing up

There’s practically no need to dress-up in fancy clothing. Just your usual casual and comfortable clothes are okay. The theme of the pictures is going to be your baby who is still all natural, so not wearing something that distracts the attention from the baby is advised. I’m sure your photographer will say the same thing.

Get everyone to sit down together!

Don’t forget to include everybody in the family into the frame! Baby pictures are not complete without the presence of his parents, siblings if they have, and even pets! Your baby photographer would love to see this in the picture and you will definitely love them, too.

Overall, it’s a very fun baby photography session to have. It’s all about taking pictures in different rooms and enjoying the family atmosphere you’ll have.

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Principles of Baby Photography

baby photographyWorking with some of the most delicate creatures on earth, babies need extra care and attention to attend to. To ensure that baby photography session goes on without any problem, heed out to some of the most important principles that many professionals who provide baby photography sessions hold on.

1. Consult and relate to parents

Let parents consult and tell you what their concerns or main purpose of taking a baby photography session. Consultations should be free as this allows parents to have more chance of visiting your studio or site and talk to you. The problem with most photographers in doing business is that their clients don’t even bother to look for them, so they never had the chance to market to them.

Find ways to immediately relate to their sentiments. Parents usually find children cute. Everything their children do is worth capturing and recording. Examples, you can say how you agree so much with cute babies after working with so many bundles of joy till now.

Try to not market and offer too many packages or sounding like a salesman. Your clients most likely come to you after reading through your site. So, listen first, then offer what you think will suit their needs or wants.

2. Learn to take care of babies

Another thing you can do to improve your clients’ experience is to help them take care of their babies. Learn how to change diapers, feed babies, change their clothes, or clean the messes. This is because parents may not be used to taking off their babies for first-timers. On the other hand, this can also improve the experience they had when they took baby pictures with you. They will be more likely to come look for you when they need another service from you.

Another way to care for babies is to use products and props that are baby-friendly. Only use materials that are not hypoallergenic. Clean up props, the set, and things that will go into direct contact with the baby.

3. Prioritize safety

Don’t challenge yourself. Do poses that you are sure you can do and completely safe. If you are confronted by parents to use a prop that they really want, yet you’re not really sure of, reject it. Tell them that you are really concerned about the safety and you want the baby to stay safe. Never let the baby out of sight. Since baby moves around a lot and does not have complete control over how they should position themselves, have your assistant or the parents to look after the baby if you’re not there.

4. Love the baby

It’s important that you also enjoy the company of babies. If you are unable to, this job might not fit for you as you’ll be faced with all kinds of giggles, wailings, and crying of babies. This will also mean you can enjoy the job better.

Final thing is to visit this site: Sue has a big collection of baby photos and you can see how she loves her job and babies. You can also learn how to price and market your packages.

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Baby Photography Don’ts: Keep the Zone Safe and Parents Happy!

Calgary newborn photographyWorking with a newborn baby means that you are working with one of the most fragile creatures on earth. They are still very prone to any kinds of dangers and are still unable to fend or protect themselves.

For a Calgary newborn photography session to happen without a problem, avoid doing the don’ts that are listed here! If you have already decided to become a photographer for newborn babies, check out for more inspiration!

Don’t use fragrance and other allergenic materials

These kinds of things are dangerous and easily exposed to children. Whenever you are about to buy a new decoration or prop, always check the label and understand the materials of what it is made of.

Don’t hold baby before washing your hands

The hygienic environment is important. That includes having people who are holding the babies in clean and healthy condition. Wash your hands with the 20-second rule before holding a baby.

Use antiseptic hand sanitizer and, again, with no fragrance.

Don’t play with your phone during the session

There are two main reasons for this. The first one is because you’ll look unprofessional if you let yourself occupied with other things while working. The phone can be let on, but should only be attended if an urgent situation is involved.

The second reason is that a phone is dirty and potentially full of germs. We don’t realize how many times we hold our phones and in various conditions, we still play with them. After eating, in the toilet, when cooking, when it fell on the ground, and so on. These are conditions that can lead to millions of bacteria swarming on your phone.

Don’t forget your hand sanitizer

Always good to have one ready by your side. If the baby poop, pee, or when you have to touch dirty things, such as your phone, hand sanitizer will save the day.

Don’t force positions

Getting the newborn baby to be positioned in a certain way may appear challenging. If it does not work, move on. Try out other positions that will work with the baby. Use available props or have an assistant, or the parents, to help hold the baby.

Don’t turn on the aircon

Unless it is extremely hot. Babies enjoy warm temperature and as much as possible, keep the room nice and cozy. This is also due to the fact that the baby will be naked half to most of the time. It is for the sake of easier moving process.

Don’t compromise on safety

Whenever you see that something is not safe, or the safety of the baby is compromised, do not proceed. Whatever pose, props, or cute bean bag it is, always understand how they work first.

The same thing applies to when buying blankets with unknown materials.

Don’t use newly bought products

Always wash them first. You don’t know what kind of germs, dust, or anything that has gotten on the stuff you bought from the factory to your house. The safest route is to have it cleaned first before used.

Don’t be inflexible

You know that due date is never 100% accurate. It might miss, and when it does, it means that you and your client have to reschedule. Knowing this, let them know that you allow a few days, preferably one week before and after the due date, to choose their appointment date for a Calgary newborn photography session.

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Principles of a Wedding Photographer

Barnsley wedding photographerWhatever line of job you do, there is always principles that you can follow. They can originate from yourself or others. And it’s not bad to follow others’ principles! Here you’ll see many pieces of advice that you can implement and hopefully, help you further grow your business.

Start Professional

It’s not rare to see a Barnsley wedding photographer who think about selling their service at a much cheaper price and accepting a lot of offers. But doing it this way will decrease your chance of doing it in a professional way later. It’s because the image will stick to you and before you realize it, you cannot change to a professional image anymore.

So, start off and price yourself accordingly. Don’t drop it just to make yourself appealing. It’s better than you give a quality-price, but not too high that would make it look like you’re just ripping people off.

Don’t be tempted

Tempted? Yes, don’t be tempted to accept too many job offers. You are probably excited right now and you think that you can take up all the offers that you took. But, as time passed by and you arrive at the hectic schedule, you’ll then realize that you’ve just dug your own grave. You might be lacking in sleep, become edgy, and is barely concentrating. All you want is to get the job done as soon as possible.

You’ll be compromising on quality, although you never planned to.

Invest in gears

It’s a better option to invest more in gears that will last longer. Canon Mark 5d III is a favorite by many and still hold the upper hand against many other models. Aiming to get something better than this is always accepted. Know that you will have something to brag and tell to your clients when you buy a new gear or equipment.

Differentiate yourself

There is no way, yet a lot of ways, to differentiate yourself. Photographers all over the world do the same thing; they take pictures, print them out, and send them to their customers. But, what you can differentiate is to provide additional services and personalized packages. Personalization is one of the best, but hardest, a method to create that special experience for your clients.

Describing yourself as a natural Barnsley wedding photographer is not a way to differentiate; there are many others with the same description. Yet, it’s important that you emphasize how you take creative shots and poses that no other offer and put up your works. The ultimate differentiation is, after all, your style.

Always look for new inspiration

Do you have photographers that you like? Follow other photographers and be inspired. It’s not a bad thing to have a positive relationship with others in the same business. Learn the new things they found out and share with each other. You may even learn to develop your own style and idea! You can probably find something interesting in

Getting yourself updated is also a must.

Clients and couples want photographers who are into delivering the trendiest and most beautiful pictures of them. But, do not be fixed on taking pictures of the exact same pose. Rather, integrate with your style and capture pictures that are trendy, but will stand the test of time.

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How To Plan An Indian Wedding

Manage the guest count.

indian wedding photographyIndian weddings are bound to be big and if you don’t control the guest count accordingly, you might never have a hold on what your costs or expenses will turn out to be for the wedding day so think about that and make sure that you properly take that into account while you are at it.

Get the theme down pat.

Yes, you want an Indian themed wedding and you hired someone out for Indian wedding photography and all that but at the end of the day, what does that really mean for you and how you would you like things to turn out in terms of the theme and in terms of the rest of all of the other details going on for the wedding so far? Nail down the theme and all of the other details that come along with them so that you get to eliminate the confusion that comes along with it.

Be careful when establishing parental boundaries.

If you are Indian by blood and by culture, there is a pretty good chance that your parents have a stake in your life, even in your wedding. Although it would be nice to have a little bit of help every now and then, it still is to your best option and advantage if you make sure that you establish boundaries every now and then. Respect your parents, by all means, but when it all comes down to it; you still need to know for sure that you really are able to mark out the parameters of until where their influence lies. This will make you so much happier and so much more content with how things turn out at the end of the day. More than that, it helps to know that you aren’t pressured or anything like that into checking out or going for something that you aren’t really all that prepared for. It helps to know that you are happy with all of the details that you have for the wedding day so far. It will work out for you so much better that way.

Have great photos all throughout.

One of the best aspects of planning out an Indian wedding is getting Indian wedding photography coverage so prioritize this at all times. Although there are a lot of wedding photographers who can and who will be able to shoot the wedding photos just fine, it is always so much better to get someone who has been working in the niche for the longest time running now because they probably already know what to expect, what the challenges and other nuances are, and how they are supposed to deal with those said challenges somewhere along the way. Great photos have always been and will always turn out to be the biggest investments that you could ever make as a bride or as someone who is about to get married so don’t take something like this lightly at any point in time. Indian wedding photography has always paid for itself because it is an investment and the photos will last you for years long after the wedding is over. Think about that the next time you are thinking about skimping on such a professional need.

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How To Go Through With Your Same Sex Wedding Planning

Let go of all traditions for now.

same sex wedding photographer Weddings in general are usually riddled with traditions. Depending on the culture and regardless of what culture you are trying to observe, there are bound to be a lot of traditions that you need to more or less take a look at at the end of the day and this is what you ought to try to take into account as much as you possibly can at some point or so. Same sex weddings or marriages haven’t really been widely recognized and accepted until these past few years and although that can be tough, it is also a constant reminder that people are becoming a little more understanding and accepting of something that isn’t exactly within the lines of the usual. If you honestly feel as if some traditions out there are restricting you and everything else that you are trying to do for your main wedding day, there really isn’t any reason why you have to go through with them. You can always throw them out of the window and go ahead and make your own. This is your chance to innovate and to customize your wedding day just the way that you would like it to turn out at some point or so. Whenever you are in doubt, make sure that you consult your professional same sex wedding photographer, because he has had experience in the field and might be able to share some useful tips and insights into what you are trying to do so far.

Go with what makes you happy.

This is not the time for you to keep thinking about what other people might think or feel. For just this particular moment or occasion, it is actually alright for you to be a little selfish and to focus more on what you and your partner would like to do or would like to happen. Although there will always be opinions and suggestions, even; at the end of the day, all that matters is that you get to make the final decision or that you get to make the last call. It is your wedding day after all and you have all of the authority and autonomy in the world to go ahead and do what you would like to do. Get into this with a joint type of outlook with your partner so that you get to face the challenges together and so that you will be jointly happy with whatever happens so far. Get professionals such as a same sex wedding photographer to help you out and to help get you out of a bind if you ever happen to find yourself in one.

Get a support system.

Planning out a same sex wedding will not be an easy feat and it will turn out to be even way harder if you don’t make sure that you have people on your side helping you with whatever it is that you need to tackle. There will be times wherein you will be at a complete loss about what you need to do and that’s alright for as long as you have people onboard who will give you the emotional and tactical support you need from looking for a same sex wedding photographer as well as for the rest of the other vendors that you have need for during the wedding day.

Make sure that you go for the veritable professionals.

Mind you, not all of the wedding vendors that you will be talking to will be open to the thought of servicing a same sex couple or a same sex wedding and this is not something that you need to be upset about at any point in time. if you want to connect with a same sex wedding photographer who can recommend you to other vendors you need, go talk to Paul Grace Photography.

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