Wedding Photographer Cardiff: Prime or Zoom and Why

wedding photographer CardiffA wedding photographer Cardiff needs to be prepared for a lot of situations at a wedding. To do that, he has to have various lenses for various situations. Many photographers end up asking which one is better to have, a prime or a zoom lens.

Prime or zoom, each of them has its own strength and reason to bring to a wedding. And don’t be surprised to know that we suggest you bring both to your first wedding job!

Now, let’s see why a prime lens is great for a wedding photographer.

Prime lens

A prime lens has a fixed focal length that you cannot change. That is why they are smaller and easier to carry around. Because of that, it’s very simple to use this and you only need to know the best distance to take pictures with this lens. And there are more benefits to using prime lenses when you shoot for wedding pictures.

A prime lens has better picture quality when used. They take sharper images compared to zoom lenses and are much simpler to use. A prime lens also tends to work better during nighttime, capturing things clearer due to its high fixed focal length. But the drawback is clear.

You cannot easily adjust the lens when you want to take pictures of a situation that changes a lot. That’s because you don’t have time to adjust yourself to a suitable distance as you will miss the moment. It’s not a flexible choice if you want to take pictures during a reception or ceremony as opposed to a zoom lens that has a wide range of focal length.

Zoom lens

A wedding photographer Cardiff always has a zoom lens with him. You can look at some pictures during the reception of a wedding at and you will know that these pictures are impossible without a zoom lens.

That’s right, a zoom lens is very flexible in capturing pictures in a changing situation. For example, you want to take a picture that is a little bit far, you can zoom and change the focal length easily. During a ceremony or reception, you can constantly adjust yourself to get the best angle and perspective. When you need to be quick, a zoom lens is the best choice to go with.

But prime still has the better quality when used under the right situation compared to a zoom lens. Zoom lenses also don’t work as well as prime lenses do for night photography. It’s because of their focal length and aperture in letting light in cannot go as wide as primes do.


Both lenses are great in their own way. It’s best that you carry both during a wedding because there are various situations to use them. The zoom lens is great to use during a reception or ceremony because you don’t have time to get to the right spot to take the picture. On the other hand, the prime lens is sharper in capturing pictures for a wedding photographer Cardiff. It’s also more reliable in harsher situations, such as in a dark environment.

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