When Two Wedding Photographers Portsmouth Is Much Better

wedding photographers PortsmouthHiring two wedding photographers Portsmouth is probably something that goes down below your list. In the case that you are holding a private wedding, we wouldn’t recommend you to hire two wedding photographers in a tight space. Pretty redundant and make things awkward as your photographers are not sure what they need to take pictures of.

But if that’s not the case, we have reasons to assure you that hiring two photographers will do you great.

You get more pictures

For the ones who love to have pictures taken, you have more reasons to hire more people for your wedding. The more photographers that work for you, the more pictures you will get from it. Those photographers will be able to take a lot of pictures of a single scene from various angles.

When you hire two photographers at once, each of them has their own job to fulfill. This means that it is less likely for your photographers to miss important things during the wedding. Since each of them has their own job, they can focus on their own job. The main photographer can focus on you while the other can focus on guests and venue décor.

Less hassle for the photographer

As more people are working on the job, the photographer doesn’t have to be responsible for everything. Although, generally, there is a lead photographer that assign the job of the other photographer and usually bears more responsibility. But this means that more men are on the job, so you don’t have to worry about the photographer having not enough time.

Professional wedding photographers Portsmouth like James White know their limits. And they know it when they take your wedding pictures alone and still come out with as good results as you expected. Having two photographers working on the job would mean less burden for the photographer and you, too.

Still within the understandable price

Adding another wedding photographer into your package often don’t cost as much as hiring the first photographer. Since the second photographer is often an assistant in charge of taking pictures of the details that the main photographer doesn’t have time to focus on. The price that you have to pay is worth the pictures that you get.

These are pictures you can never rewind the time back to get. These are precious moments of your wedding that if alone, would have been missed by your lead photographer.

Saves time

Having two photographers working at the same time won’t hinder your lead photographer when he has to be confined to a location. For example, during group photography, your photographer has to standby for quite a long time. Long enough that a lot of things could be missed had it not for the assistant photographer.

There are many benefits from hiring two wedding photographers Portsmouth, mainly from the capacity they can handle. Two photographers make it possible for each to focus on their own job and not miss a thing. They can cover each other’s back, make sure you get all the pictures you ever wanted from your wedding. On top of that, some cost very much similar to the price of hiring one photographer!

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How to Choose Wedding Photography Edinburgh Service

wedding photography EdinburghAs a couple, you want to make sure to find the most professional wedding photography Edinburgh service for your wedding party. But you also don’t want to just rely on price and believe that paying more would mean better. So, you need a professional help to find the right person for the job.

Don’t worry because we know the best way to do that. In fact, we can help you find the most suitable wedding photography service if you follow our guide!

Budget and time

The first most important thing to do is to set the budget that you have to book a wedding photography Edinburgh package. How much are you willing to pay for the service and what is the limit? While you search for the right photographer, you want to make sure to eliminate the ones that are not within your capabilities to hire.

And then, you need to have enough time to look for a photographer. It’s not just about you looking for the right person, but also the fact of them being booked already. You won’t be able to hire them if they are unavailable for your wedding!


A good wedding photographer isn’t the type that runs you through a bunch of information about himself. Instead, they are the type that listens to what you have to say about your own wedding and what concerns you may have. That is the point of calling the meeting a consultation. They listen first before they talk about it.

A professional wedding photographer, from Andrew Weild Photography who offers service in wedding photography Edinburgh told us how communication made things easier. Clients feel much more comfortable talking to the photographer and it is easier to reach a consensus.

Within your limit

Once again, you need to only hire someone that is within your capabilities because the wedding party is one of the expensive events in life. That is why, if it seems possible to you, negotiate with your photographer to have your package customized slightly to fit your needs. For example, you probably don’t need the extra hours or those big prints because you think saving the money up is more important.

Promise keeper

They said that they are going to provide this and that for your wedding photography, so make sure those are written on the contract. If you feel something amiss, do not hesitate to ask or reopen the discussion again, because you shouldn’t sign and pay for things you did not agree with. It’s better to end it with a photographer that can’t keep his promise than just go along and be disappointed later.

After you sign it, see to it that they are doing everything they promised. They will arrive on time in the morning of your wedding and shoot for as long as they have promised.

Your wedding photography Edinburgh service wouldn’t be hard to find if you follow the guidelines here. It might seem hard at first to find someone you like and then hold a high standard for it, but you will not regret it once you do find him.

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