5 Best Photoshop Plug-ins for a Wedding Photography Northern Ireland

wedding photography Northern Ireland For any photographer who provides wedding photography Northern Ireland service, it’s almost a given that you would work with Photoshop. While it’s not cheap, it’s got everything one will ever need to give a professional edit to the pictures you’ve captured. But even so, sometimes it can get annoying with the small limitations and tedious work that comes with Photoshop which is really basic.

Here are the plug-ins that will make your life as a wedding photographer much easier.


As a wedding photographer, you might have to work with clients who look after taking some incredible pictures in places with great landscape view. That’s the case with most wedding photographers, wherever you are based, so we always suggest them to get Luminar because it really helps with editing the vast sky and over 300 filters to use.

RH Hover Color Picker

We are bewildered when we consider the fact that Adobe, being a really old and professional creative group that houses Photoshop, still have a clunky layout with their color picker. Yes, it’s got the range of colors we all need, but we also wish that it won’t be blocking our view out of the project we are working with.

RH Hover color picker only goes full size when you hover to its minimize tab. It also has the same complete color collection and is priced at only $16. Save yourself from the pain of editing tens of thousands of pictures with the messy Adobe’s color picker with this.

ON1 Effects

ON1 effects provide a wide range of filters that if used, will add another layer on top of what you have. What’s great about this is that you can use more than one filters and decide how contrast each filter should look. Sounds convenient like Instagram, but it has the flexibility that a professional always needs for his wedding photography Northern Ireland job. You can customize each filter to your liking.


Have you ever encountered a moment when you wished the portraits of your clients that you just finished editing don’t end up looking like they were ‘Photoshopped’? The best pictures are the ones that look like they were genuine despite having the blemishes, acne, and flaws removed by thorough editing. That is what PortraitPro is about: to make your portraits look less fake.

The main purpose of PortraitPro is to help you with enhancing portraits by improving the colors and textures, removing blemishes to sharpening facial features without making them look fake.

Camera Raw

You’d be lying if as a wedding photographer, you don’t capture your files in RAW format, which is vital if you want to gain the biggest freedom in editing. Camera Raw allows you to edit your raw files by enhancing the texture, contrast and balancing pictures. It also creates a separate file which doesn’t automatically replace your raw files with the edited version. So, you can always revert back if you don’t like what you see.

Getting plug-ins can be costly, but they can save a lot of time in the future and avoid beginner’s mistakes. They are totally worth it to improve the quality of your wedding photography Northern Ireland service to the level of a professional like Michael Love.

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