How to Choose a Vendor For Your Photo Booth Rental

The photo booth is a phenomenon that most people love derive joy from.

photo booth rentalPhoto booths have been a constant presence in local shopping outlets but as the years go by more and more individuals consider the possibilities of having a photo booth rental for their event. The popularity of the booth itself has made vendors like Photo Booth HQ offer a wide variety of services.

In an attempt to make sure that you get the best photo booth rental that fits your needs, the following are a list of things to be addressed with your vendor:

Idle Time Charges

The idle time charges can either be a benefit or disadvantage. A benefit in the sense that when it comes down to it, it can help you saves money or on the other hand, as a disadvantage, it can also end up being an expense on your final bill. The photo booth companies often times offer idle time for a fee to clients. So if you were more inclined to maybe separate your time slots for the use of the booth, it can be offered at a discounted rate.

Template designs

If you are looking to hand out the photo prints as souvenirs for our event, it would be important to have it personalized so as to make it more unique to the event in question. There are several photo booth vendors that offer clients the use of their in-house graphic design team to help create a template that will suit the theme of the event. Anything and everything from coordinating the colour scheme with maybe the colours of the invitation card or even the colour of the day can be done.


No matter how hard you try to make sure certain things operate glitch free, there will always be situations that arise that wreck even the best laid plans. The only option to have is to make sure contingencies are put in place. Technology being technology can sometimes be fussy and even refuse to work for one reason or the other. For some photo booth vendors, having back up equipment is a guarantee while for some others, they off an up time policy that will guarantee that the photo booth will be kept running for a certain period of time. If the uptime is not realised, the client gets refunded a certain amount.

Extra digital copies

It is really important to ask the photo booth vendor is provision has been made for copies of the photos taken to be kept for your own use, A lot of vendors go ahead to upload the pictures taken in the events to an online gallery so you ought to be able to ask for their permission to gain access to it and share it with guests. Also, most photo booth vendors can be a little possessive about their work especially in the context it is put into use. If you find that you would freely want to share the photographs taken on social media or use it for one reason or the other, it is important to clear all the contract details beforehand.

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