Offer Online Services & Products Via Mobile Apps

Why you should not be content with your website’s online service.

With the ever-increasing demand for smart phones and tablets, most people nowadays want the ability to conveniently access their favorite online services anytime, anywhere – and mobile apps are currently the best way to give them what they want.

Sure, you may already have a website that’s doing quite good and earning you great profit but neglecting the opportunity to adapt with the times could spell financial disaster in the near future. And while mobile app web browsers do a good job of displaying web pages (including yours), some still are not able to render sites correctly. Mobile web browser technology undoubtedly still needs a lot of growing up to do. This is probably the reason why businesses that have a good online presence offer their services to the public through mobile applications that in effect mimic the functionality found on their websites. Companies are thus able to maintain and even increase their profits if they both have a good website and a mobile app that goes along with it.

In addition, having a mobile app on a phone or tablet lets your customers use your online services quicker. They don’t have to worry about looking for a place to put down their things, fire up their laptop, connecting with their ISP, opening up a browser and navigating to your website.

If you are a business who wants to compete in today’s market and already have a website but do not have a corresponding mobile app, then it is imperative that you either have your IT department or mobile application development consultants create one for you.

Choosing the initial mobile OS

Like anything else, you will have to take into account which mobile operating system you want to have your mobile app initially developed. Obviously, you would like to have your business accessible on all mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, phablets); the cost of having your mobile app developed at once for all the leading mobile operating systems might be very costly and impractical for those just starting out. The best way is to choose from one of the leading popular mobile operating systems (e.g. Android, Apple iOS, RIM BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and Bada) and later expand to others. While Apple’s iOS is truly a popular choice, Gartner predicts that Android will dominate the mobile OS industry in 2012 so opting to have your mobile app developed for Android devices is most likely a good business decision.

Choosing the right people

Hiring the best people to do the job is also crucial. Many mobile application development companies abound but the best ones are the ones who obviously have a good record for delivering what the customer wants on time, all the time. Here are a few factors to consider when looking for a mobile app development company:

  1. Professionalism. Choose experts who are known for having the right values and really embody it. They must have your interests in mind and consider that both your time, finances, and other resources are valuable.
  2. Punctuality. Do they keep and observe deadlines? Given that there are almost always some unpredictable technical issues that could push the project to be delayed by a couple of days or so, these professionals should already have included buffers in the timeline they have committed.
  3. Portfolio. Ask for samples of their work. A demonstration or two would definitely not hurt. These should help you see what they can really do and if what they have done really works or not.

While it may seem redundant to have your services offered on a mobile app when you already have a great website, giving your loyal customers a chance to use your service on their preferred mobile device is definitely a plus to any to any business.