Lifestyle Baby Photography: What it is and How to Prepare for It

baby photographyLooking for a quick guide to lifestyle baby photography? You’ve come to the right place! We are here to help mothers, in particular, those who have zero knowledge about baby photography to start with. Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated and we’ll cover everything you need to know to make sure it’s going to a fun and easy session to have!

Looking for a suitable photographer

First is to look for a baby photographer that you are comfortable with. Having a session done at your home by someone that you don’t really trust or comfortable with will make it stressful. Make sure that you’ve spent enough time talking to them and letting them have a tour around the house to scout for the best rooms to have the pictures taken.

Done at home

Most lifestyle photography is done at home due to the fact that it’s easier to move around and your baby is more comfortable with a familiar place. At the same time, you can also grab all baby needs when you need it immediately. It’s a win-win situation for you and the photographer!

This means that the layout of your house is important to get the best baby pictures. In baby photography, some photographers like would want to schedule a time to visit your house and check out how the rooms are positioned and lit. Lighting is one of the most important parts of baby photography mostly because no one wants to light their babies with flash. That is unhealthy.

Making sure it’s proper

Before the session, you’ll want to clean up the place and make sure that no unnecessary obstacles are in the frame. You’ll also want to open the window and let natural light in for the pictures to turn out as nice as possible.

Set your temperature to a suitable level for the baby, too. Since some of the pictures will feature them naked, make sure it’s warmer than usual. A little sweat is just worth it!

If you love outdoor

It’s also very possible to have your lifestyle baby pictures taken outdoor! As long as the weather is cool and nice, put your baby in his favorite outfit and set out. Of course, it would be better if you can discuss the possibility of doing this beforehand with your photographer. Make sure that the baby is wearing enough layers of clothes and not feeling too hot or too cold.

Dressing up

There’s practically no need to dress-up in fancy clothing. Just your usual casual and comfortable clothes are okay. The theme of the pictures is going to be your baby who is still all natural, so not wearing something that distracts the attention from the baby is advised. I’m sure your photographer will say the same thing.

Get everyone to sit down together!

Don’t forget to include everybody in the family into the frame! Baby pictures are not complete without the presence of his parents, siblings if they have, and even pets! Your baby photographer would love to see this in the picture and you will definitely love them, too.

Overall, it’s a very fun baby photography session to have. It’s all about taking pictures in different rooms and enjoying the family atmosphere you’ll have.

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Principles of Baby Photography

baby photographyWorking with some of the most delicate creatures on earth, babies need extra care and attention to attend to. To ensure that baby photography session goes on without any problem, heed out to some of the most important principles that many professionals who provide baby photography sessions hold on.

1. Consult and relate to parents

Let parents consult and tell you what their concerns or main purpose of taking a baby photography session. Consultations should be free as this allows parents to have more chance of visiting your studio or site and talk to you. The problem with most photographers in doing business is that their clients don’t even bother to look for them, so they never had the chance to market to them.

Find ways to immediately relate to their sentiments. Parents usually find children cute. Everything their children do is worth capturing and recording. Examples, you can say how you agree so much with cute babies after working with so many bundles of joy till now.

Try to not market and offer too many packages or sounding like a salesman. Your clients most likely come to you after reading through your site. So, listen first, then offer what you think will suit their needs or wants.

2. Learn to take care of babies

Another thing you can do to improve your clients’ experience is to help them take care of their babies. Learn how to change diapers, feed babies, change their clothes, or clean the messes. This is because parents may not be used to taking off their babies for first-timers. On the other hand, this can also improve the experience they had when they took baby pictures with you. They will be more likely to come look for you when they need another service from you.

Another way to care for babies is to use products and props that are baby-friendly. Only use materials that are not hypoallergenic. Clean up props, the set, and things that will go into direct contact with the baby.

3. Prioritize safety

Don’t challenge yourself. Do poses that you are sure you can do and completely safe. If you are confronted by parents to use a prop that they really want, yet you’re not really sure of, reject it. Tell them that you are really concerned about the safety and you want the baby to stay safe. Never let the baby out of sight. Since baby moves around a lot and does not have complete control over how they should position themselves, have your assistant or the parents to look after the baby if you’re not there.

4. Love the baby

It’s important that you also enjoy the company of babies. If you are unable to, this job might not fit for you as you’ll be faced with all kinds of giggles, wailings, and crying of babies. This will also mean you can enjoy the job better.

Final thing is to visit this site: Sue has a big collection of baby photos and you can see how she loves her job and babies. You can also learn how to price and market your packages.

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