What a Wedding Photographer Should Avoid in Tripod use

Tripod mistakes can be common.

tripod tipsHowever, as a wedding photographer by profession, you need to make sure that you get to go out of your way to minimize it as much as possible or to eliminate it altogether. Tripods are fairly common but they get misused in so many different ways. First word of advice? Don’t set your tripod up on an unsteady surface. This is something that can be particularly applicable if you are shooting a wedding in an outdoor setting. Compared to an indoor setting wherein the floors are fairly level and at times tiled, you do not have that same level of comfort and luxury when you are set outdoors. There will be rolling manicured gardens or rocky surfaces or even sand.

Most of them will not be as level or as flat as you would like them to be and it can be a huge problem for you as a wedding photographer because it means that your camera and tripod and topple over at any given time. That is something that you should avoid from happening as much as possible, if you can help it. It pays to check the surface real quick. A quick ocular inspection is usually all it takes. Try to set your tripod up and assess how it’s standing up before you proceed to mount up your camera and lens on it.

Don’t go cheap on your tripod.

If you’re a new wedding photographer, it can be quite understandable how you would like to opt for something that fits your budget a little better. However, one thing to keep in mind all of the time is the fact that a cheap tripod is oftentimes a flimsy tripod. A flimsy tripod is never good for you as a wedding photographer. More often than not, you will usually end up using lenses that have long focal lengths. This can be a bit on the heavy side of things. Add on the fact that your professional grade DSLR will not be that light as well and you have total disaster if you go for a tripod that cannot necessarily hold down the weight. You can’t afford that kind of risk. Go for one good buy when you are shopping for a tripod and you will never have to worry about buying another one ever again all throughout your time in your career as a professional wedding photographer berkshire. And yes, that one, you can absolutely take to the bank every single time. It will be worth every dollar that you put into it. The best part in all of this is that you end the day with no regrets and you know that your gear is safe with the kind of tripod that you chose to go ahead with at the end of the day.

Put the tripod hook to good use.

There’s actually a hook right under the tripod’s head. It’s meant for you to hang something heavy from it so that you can balance the tripod off and avoid it from tilting over especially when you have long lenses to deal with at the end of the day.

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